Katherine Webb Will Affect A.J McCarron's NFL Draft Stock

Ever since the Alabama Crimson Tide won the NCAAF National Championship in January, there have been two stories that have taken the world by storm.

The first and less attractive of the two is former Notre Dame Fighting Irish linebacker  Manti Te’o who we all know was in a virtual relationship with someone who he thought to be a girl, but later turned out to be a desperate man playing a cruel joke. Te’o is constantly in the news and has grown annoying rather quickly.

Although Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide were the winners on the field, the biggest winner coming from the Championship game wasn’t even in uniform. Alabama quarterback, A.J McCarron had his girlfriend in the stands and she caught the eye of broadcaster Brent Musburger who unknowingly turned Katherine Webb into a national icon. Her 15-minutes of fame has lasted longer than that as she has appeared on reality TV shows and even was a sideline reporter for Super Bowl XLVII.

Webb is a model by trade, however she now can be whatever she would like to be given her recent stardom.

My biggest concern involves Webb’s boyfriend who is going to enter the NFL draft next April. McCarron has already shown a little bit of protection over Webb who was courted by Arizona Cardinals DT Darnell Dockett via Twitter the night of the big game. I wouldn’t be surprised if NFL teams avoid A.J all together simply to avoid the headaches that Webb’s fame is going to cause.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that after throwing a game-winning touchdown McCarron was bombarded with questions about where Webb was sitting and how she liked the game. Plenty of NFL teams like to keep a low-profile and will pass on players like McCarron who is open to some interesting questions at the Scouting Combine next year.