Miami Dolphins Foolish to Give Brian Hartline $30.5 Million

The Miami Dolphins must be living in the stone age because they obviously didn’t get the memo that the 2013 NFL free agent class is chock full of star receivers. So why in the world did they give Brian Hartline a five-year, $30.5 million deal?

Sure, re-signing Hartline was a great idea, but not for that much money. The Dolphins could have gotten Hartline and a star like Mike Wallace, Wes Welker or Greg Jennings for a little more than what they paid a guy who has six career touchdowns in four years and one lone 1,000-yard season. In other words, what were they thinking?

Miami is definitely on the right track in that it’s paying big money to playmakers, but Hartline is like a Tier 3 playmaker, especially compared to these other guys, yet he’s the one that got superstar money. The Dolphins must have forgotten they have a ton of other holes that need filling with better and/or more high-profile players because giving Hartline this kind of money is simply moronic.

Nothing against Hartline; he’s a dynamite young receiver who would be a terrific No. 2 option for a contender, but he’s nowhere near ready to be the high-paid, top option, especially for a lowly team like Miami. Put simply, this move just doesn’t make sense.