Miami Heat Pull Off Another Victory Against Philadelphia 76ers For 20th-Straight Win

The Miami Heat continued to remain one of the hottest teams in the NBA on Wednesday after their 98-94 win over the Philadelphia 76ers to increase their winning streak to 20 games–becoming the fourth team in NBA history to reach that milestone. Even though this should have been one of the easier games for the Heat to win, it’s difficult not to give them credit for managing to hold on for the key win.

For a team with nothing to lose, the 76ers were playing one of their better games of the season and even held on to a lead at one point towards the end of regulation before the Heat fought back and held on for the win.

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade continue to play at a high level and if they can continue to play at this high level–there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be considered the favorites to win the NBA Finals once again for the second-straight season. As impressive as this winning streak has been for the Heat over the last couple of weeks, it won’t mean a thing once the playoffs roll around.

If anything, it’s difficult not to wonder whether or not it would be beneficial for Miami’s streak to be over before the playoffs got under way to avoid any extra pressure on their shoulders carrying over into the postseason. Either way, it’s safe to say the Heat are the last team anyone is going to want to play once the playoffs get under way next month.

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