Natalie Gulbis Missing Time From LPGA With Deadly Disease

Oftentimes, golfers are scratched from tournaments because of sore body parts, torn ligaments or even the occasional flu bug, but Natalie Gulbis is missing time for an unusual reason.

Gulbis was yanked from the HSBC Women’s Champions while the tour was in Asia nearly two weeks ago due to illness–this would be the initial stages of a deadly disease called malaria affecting Gulbis. Stats show that nearly 300-500 million people suffer from this each year, with more than 1 millions of them dying from it. The parasite disappears in the winter, but it poses a huge hazard to those traveling from a cold climate to a warm climate. Gulbis is one of many who are affected by this disease.

This will keep Gulbis sidelined for at least three weeks according to the LPGA, she has since withdrawn from the LPGA Founders Cup in Phoenix. Gulbis has been in Sports Illustrated wearing nothing but paint and has even appeared on the Celebrity Apprentice in years prior. She has a successful golf career and is respected by her colleges, however she is known as the glamour-girl who soaks up the attention.

Her good looks may be compromised for the short-term as malaria has side-effects such as: vomiting, sweating and extreme muscle pain. Luckily, Gulbis can afford the world’s best doctors so she should be able to return to the course in no time. Meanwhile, the LPGA will continue at the Founders Cup where Ai Miyazato is in the lead even though she is returning from a whiplash injury she sustained in Thailand that involved five vehicles.

These lady golfers are tougher than Rory McIlroy that’s for certain.