2013 NCAA Tournament: Louisville Cardinals Highlight the Field's No. 1 Seeds

Following their run to a Big East Conference Tournament championship on Saturday night, the Louisville Cardinals earned the No. 1 overall seed within the field of 68 on Selection Sunday.

Behind the Cardinals in the other three regions are the other No. 1 seeds, all of which are well deserved. The Kansas Jayhawks, Gonzaga Bulldogs and Indiana Hoosiers all got the top seeds and for the most part, they get the advantage in their respected regions, should they be able to advance to the Sweet 16 round.

With Louisville’s last run and Indiana’s fall in the Big Ten Tournament semifinals, the Midwest was won by the Cardinals as they will head to Indianapolis if they can pick up two tournament victories. Gonzaga got what they wanted, to nobody’s surprise, as they will stay out west in Los Angeles. Once again that hinges on their own ability to win two tournament games.

As for Kansas, well they could head to Arlington, Texas and the home of the Dallas Cowboys if they can advance to the Sweet 16 which means that Indiana must head to Washington D.C. as the top seed in the East Region. Other teams standing in their path in the second and third rounds of the NCAA Tournament however, may have other travels plans for the top seeds on their own minds.

Kansas has a difficult path coming out of the South Region, but then again, nothing really comes easy in the NCAA Tournament.

We will see just which No. 1 seeds are set to make the runs that they are hoping to complete here in 2013.