2013 NCAA Tournament: West Region is the Easiest Path to the Final Four

There is never an easy road to the Final Four, but in terms of ranking the regions against each other, one must appear a little bit lighter than the others.

Well, in this case it has to be the West Region.

Gonzaga has earned all the hype that they have garnered this season, but they still are of the mid-major variety. So are they the favorite in the West Region or does that title belong to second seeded Ohio State?

The door may also be open right from the gate for teams like New Mexico, Wisconsin or Kansas State, so what’s that say about the region? I mean, there isn’t even a guarantee that Gonzaga will make it past the Round of 32.

Eleventh seeded Belmont could also provide some excitement in this region and don’t forget about twelfth seeded Ole Miss and Marshall Henderson. The Rebels just won the SEC Tournament, so we know that they are capable of making a run.

Stacking up the regions against other competition sometimes isn’t a fair comparison, but that’s what we have to deal with as the NCAA Tournament field gets ready to start its action.

Either way, the excitement of March Madness is just days away, so if you’re a college basketball fan, then this is what you have certainly been waiting for.