2013 NCAA Tournament: West Region Second Round Preview

Here we go out west.

The top four seeds will certainly be worth watching, but are any of them really on “upset” alert? Gonzaga, Ohio State, New Mexico and Kansas State should all be fine in their second round tests. That of course is barring of course any unforeseen madness, so we will just leave it at that.

The 7/10 and 8/9 match-ups in this region are sure to be close, as expected. Iowa State and Notre Dame will be a fun one to watch, but so too will Pittsburgh and Wichita State. The two can be considered toss up games depending on how you feel within each match-up. Excitement however, should be at the forefront in each.

Now for the games to watch in this regional’s second round action.

Can Wisconsin stifle Ole Miss sharpshooter Marshall Henderson? Bo Ryan will sure to have a plan of attack for him, so what will Andy Kennedy have to counter that?

Arizona is on upset alert and for no other reason other than the simple fact that they drew Belmont? Will the Bruins prove their worth and shock the ‘Cats?

The answers to those questions will be answered when these teams hit the hardwood, but you don’t want to miss out on the action so make sure to keep tabs on all of the big games within the West Region.

There is no doubt that things out west are going to get more and more interesting as the rounds progress, so let’s hope the second round sets the tone early.