2013 NCAA Bracket: Looking at the Girl Talk Bracket

With the 2013 NCAA Tournament set to kick off, we decided to switch things up a bit with our own Girl Talk Bracket. Here’s a recap of the first and second round results:

Round 1

Louisville vs. Ole Miss 

Have you seen Kentucky girls? One of the most underrated states in the country when it comes to their beautiful females–hands down.

Syracuse vs. Florida

Florida girls that get to spend time on the beach year round over New York girls any day. Come on give me a hard one.

Kansas vs. Oregon 

Have you seen Oregon cheerleaders? There’s a reason why so many fans get on the Ducks bandwagon each year–the beautiful ladies cheering on the sidelines.

North Carolina vs. Wisconsin 

Katy Perry should have named her hit song “Carolina Girls” instead of California–those girls are beautiful.

Indiana vs. UCLA

Say what you want about California girls, but there’s just something special about those fine ladies of the Hoosiers.

Duke vs. Miami

Party in the city where the heat is on–Miami is a no brainer in this contest. Just ask Will Smith.

Gonzaga vs. Notre Dame 

Nobody has really seen any Gonzaga girls until recently and now we finally realize what we’ve been missing out on all these years.

Ohio State vs. Michigan

One of the greatest rivalries in sports, but as far as cheerleaders–the Buckeyes have the Wolverines beat by a landslide. O-H!

Round 2

Florida vsOle Miss

Gators eat Rebels based off…well common sense. Have you ever interacted with a Gator before?

Oregon vs. North Carolina 

Sorry Carolina fans–but Ducks are much cuter than Tar Heels.

Indiana vs. Miami

The Hurricanes will blow away the Hoosiers every time–not even a contest.

Gonzaga vs. Ohio State

Bulldogs are much cuter than a bunch of nuts. Come on–what is this amateur hour?