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LeBron James, Miami Heat Dramatically Keep Streak Alive

Were you glued to your TV watching LeBron James and the Miami Heat go for their 24th win against the King’s old team? Everyone was sure the Cleveland Cavaliers were going to hold on to a 27-point lead and end Miami’s historic winning streak, but then the Heat did it again. LeBron absolutely took over in the fourth quarter and finished with a triple double in Miami’s historic comeback to continue it’s incredible winning streak, which is now 24 games.

But it would have been something if LeBron’s old team had ended the streak and the Cavs came close, but the Heat are just too good. Dwyane Wade scored just 11 points and missed a critical jump shot in the game’s final minutes, so it really was all on James to pull Miami through. But he did it in dramatic fashion for the second straight game with a Herculean effort that led his team to another huge comeback to keep the history books sweating.

However, they still have nine games to go to catch the 1972 Los Angeles Lakers for the longest winning streak in NBA history, so this is far from over. Still, the Heat have nothing but awful teams on their schedule until Easter Sunday when they head to Texas to take on the San Antonio Spurs. If the streak is still alive at that point, that game might be the most watched in league history.

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