Syracuse Basketball Violations: Orange Program Reportedly Under NCAA Investigation

In some odd news that circulated out on Wednesday afternoon, it was reported that the Syracuse men’s basketball program has been under investigation for major violations for a number of years now.

Wait, what?

A number of years? And ironically enough, it’s just now being reported on the eve of the start of the NCAA Tournament?

It’s crazy to think what could escalate from here, but what’s the foundation behind it?

A season ago, starting center Fab Melo was suspended for academic issues and the talk began. Earlier this year, senior forward James Southerland was held out for eligibility issues. Southerland has since returned and the fourth seeded Orange are looking to make a run in the Big Dance with a full roster.

Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim was already made a statement on the report and the alleged violations and investigation, saying that “it’s becoming an annual thing.”

The story line behind the report however, is strange. So, the NCAA has been investigating Syracuse for a number of years now? There could be major violations at fault?

Bottom line is this: why would we just be hearing about it now and how much truth could there be to these “major violations?”

Well, time is going to be able to answer those questions and for now, there isn’t much to fret about for Syracuse.

The Orange are focused on No. 13 Montana and that’s it.

That much at least is in their control.