2013 NCAA Tournament: Did Cody Zeller Hurt His NBA Draft Stock in Indiana's Sweet 16 Loss?

For those of you who watched Thursday’s game between Indiana and Syracuse in the Sweet 16 of the 2013 NCAA Tournament, it’s no secret that Cody Zeller struggled against the Orange’s dominant 2-3 zone defense the entire game. In fact, Zeller struggled so bad that his NBA Draft stock took a plummet because of the game–and he appears to be far from being ready when it comes to playing in the big leagues.

Over the years, we’ve seen too many players make the jump to the NBA earlier than they should have and Zeller needs to strongly consider returning for his junior season with the Hoosiers–mainly because the last thing he wants to see happen is regret his decision to go to the NBA too early and miss out on millions of dollars. Play it smart Cody–you have the opportunity to make the Hoosiers one of the top contenders once again heading into next season despite the team’s recent disappointing loss to the Orange.

Instead, focus on developing yourself more as a player capable of handling the type of defense that Syracuse displayed against you–then the NBA talk can become a little more serious. The potential is certainly there for Zeller, but for him to make the leap to the NBA now would be one of his biggest regrets down the road since he appears to be far from ready.

Zeller certainly has the height and body structure that is a dream come true for most teams–so he just needs to be patient and make the move to the NBA when he’s fully ready.

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