New York Yankees Start 2013 MLB Season Off On Bad Note

If you are looking for an overreaction in regards to the New York Yankees dropping their season opener, keep looking. The Yankees lost to the Boston Red Sox to start the 2013 season and it wasn’t pretty as they were derailed by a score of 8-2.

C.C. Sabathia is the Yankees best pitcher and he was shelled by a Red Sox team that could not win even 70 games last year. Unlike March Rantness, the baseball schedule is one of gruelingly long portions that does not hinge on one particular game. I would not be surprised if the Yankees miss the playoffs however, it will not be because they lost one game at home versus a divisional foe.

MLB pundits across the land knew that the Yankees were heading into 2013 as a weakened club as they have just three starters returning to the team from 2012. Not to mention, New York played their first season opener since 2001 without Derek Jeter lining up at shortstop. If any other team was undergoing these kind of injuries the excuses would be accepted, but everyone loves to see the hegemonic Yankees in the cellar.

Either way, the panic button has been getting slammed since Curtis Granderson went down with a broken wrist in spring training, so we can’t be too surprised that Yankee Stadium was virtually empty when the final pitch was thrown on Monday.

Keep an eye on the Yankees moving forward, but do not proclaim this team as dead in the water just because the Red Sox strung a couple hits versus the Yankees ace. Baseball season is a marathon, not a sprint.