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Rant Off: 2013 MLB Season AL vs. NL

Over the last 10 MLB seasons the World Series winner has came out of the National League six times with an American League team hoisting the trophy just four times. The age-old debate has taken Rant Sports by storm and we have taken sides between the National and American League–here’s where you can decide who you feel is the stronger league.

The largest discrepancy between the two is the fact that the American League has a designated hitter while the National League forces their pitchers to swing the bat. Ex-St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa would sometimes combat the norm, but the pitcher is usually slotted at the nine spot and is deemed an automatic out more often than not.

Obviously, this means a bigger load on NL managers as they must find a way to manufacture runs without a designated hitter at their peril.

While both leagues have firepower, the American League is often proclaimed the more powerful of the two as teams like the Texas Rangers and New York Yankees are notorious for their ability to hit the long-ball. With bats like Mike Trout and Robinson Cano it’s a mystery that the American League has not been able to reel in a World Series trophy since the Yankees won back in 2009.

Good pitching trumps good hitting in most cases and the National League has no shortage in power arms as pitchers like Stephen Strasburg can touch the upper 90′s with ease. Arizona Diamondbacks rookie Wade Miley is also a guy to watch, but Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers remains the favorite to haul in the NL Cy-Young.

Either way, the 2013 MLB season is going to be full of great stories, but with the new format these two leagues will be rivaling each other each and every night.