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Mark Cuban Sly With Comments About Brittney Griner Playing in the NBA

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has made headlines this week with comments about Baylor women’s basketball sensation Brittney Griner. First, Cuban said he would like to give Griner an opportunity to play in the NBA “just to see if she can do it.” He then said if at any point Griner is the best player available in the 2013 NBA Draft, “I will take her.”

Now this is right up Cuban’s alley and it’s obvious he’s just stirring the pot as usual because he followed all this up with the punch line: “That’d sell out a few games.”

Even worse, he got Griner all worked up as she didn’t hide her excitement about the possibility of playing in the NBA with this tweet:

See, Cuban is again speaking before he thinks. Right after the Mavericks won the NBA Championship two years ago, he said he wasn’t going to get his players rings, but instead something different and better because it was “time to take it to the next level.” Needless to day, he had no clue what he was talking about and the players never received anything other than rings they basically had to design themselves. His remark about Griner being the best player available is actually her personal escape route from following through with his guarantee.

Everyone has their own opinion as to when any specific player is the “best available” at any given point in the draft. You might think Griner is the best available in the third round, I might think she’s the best available in the fifth round and Cuban might now think she’s ever the best available. But he said if she’s ever the best available he will take her.

Don’t let Cuban’s moronic comments fool you. He’s not going to draft Griner and isn’t even considering it.