Rutgers Fires Mike Rice Way Too Late

Mike Rice is a monster. He’s the nightmare coach that all athletes dread throughout their career, from Little League to the pros and every level in between. On Tuesday afternoon, video surfaced of men’s basketball practices at Rutgers University, where Rice was the head coach. The footage showed Rice shoving his players violently, throwing basketballs at their heads and belittling them with gay slurs. He was fired on Wednesday morning, but the way the entire situation was handled suggests it’s been going on way too long.

Rutgers athletic director Tim Pernetti didn’t do anything immediately after the media firestorm on Tuesday afternoon, which suggests he knew about Rice’s behavior all along and just didn’t do anything about it until he was forced to by the media pressure. It’s easy to argue that Rice should not only be fired, but arrested for his behavior, so the fact he was not fired immediately upon the footage being released is appalling.

Furthermore, the fact this has been going on at Rutgers for who knows how long is ridiculous. The man has been there for three years and the basketball team hasn’t finished above .500 any point during that time, so someone must have known about this other than the players. This is just another example of what’s wrong with college sports today and why monsters like Rice will always be present.