Old Big East Officially Renamed the American Athletic Conference

The Big East is just sad. Well, it depends on which version of the confused conference you’re discussing. You may remember the recent confusion over the split of the conference in the Old and New Big East with the New Big East being known as just the Big East and the Old Big East coming up with a new name. That new name was originally reported as the American 12, but with all the reshuffling in recent weeks, the conference apparently decided to drop the number to avoid any inaccuracy as the amount of teams that are likely to play therein won’t be exactly 12. On Wednesday, the American Athletic Conference was revealed.

We know, it’s extremely corny, especially for a conference that is hanging to validity by a thread. Of course, Louisville will argue that point as the Cardinals are one of the Final Four teams and they still reside in the Big East…um, American Athletic Conference. Syracuse is still technically a member of the Old Big East as the Orange are another member of the Final Four, but they’ll be joining the ACC this fall. So the American Athletic Conference should be okay in basketball going forward, but not in football, which is the sport that causes all the conference realignment anyway.

American Athletic Conference commissioner Mike Aresco released some lame statement about how the new name “represents a strong, durable and aspirational name” for the joke of a college sports league, but we all know the Old Big East has become the punch line of college sports, especially in the fall.

What do you think of the new name? Like it, love it or couldn’t care less? Comment below and let us know!