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Tom Brady Throws to Terrell Owens; Will New England Patriots Take a Chance?

It’s been a tradition for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to work out with his receivers in the offseason near his home in Southern California, but this year he’s throwing to an unlikely target: Terrell Owens. In past years, Brady has been seen at the USC facility with Wes Welker and Julian Edelman and was already spotted throwing to new teammate Danny Amendola there this offseason, but Owens was by far Brady’s most surprising target this past week.

So of course, we have to speculate as to whether or not this means anything regarding Owens’ NFL future with the Patriots. He hasn’t played since 2010 and was cut by the Seattle Seahawks during the 2012 preseason, so it’s clear that no NFL team is interested in signing him. But could Brady sway the Patriots’ brass into giving yet another diva receiver a chance at redemption?

Well, it’s a toss-up because the Patriots caught lightning in a bottle with Randy Moss in 2007 and then a burnt out lightning bug in Chad Johnsonin 2011. Will they go for the trifecta of washed-up, prima donna receivers and sign T.O.?  History leans toward yes because the Patriots have been known to give former stars a shot at redemption with Moss and Johnson as just two recent examples. Ever heard of Albert Haynesworth?

What do you think? Should the Patriots give Owens one last shot at age 39? Comment below and let us know!