Auburn's Failed Drug Tests, Bumped Grades, Bribes Just Beginning of NCAA Problems

The University of Auburn is in a keep of trouble, but only because the Tigers got caught. According to multiple reports from both ESPN and, as many as 12 Auburn football players failed drug tests for synthetic marijuana, as many as nine who were academically ineligible had their grades bumped so they could play in the 2011 BCS National Championship Game and several others were bribed to stay for their senior seasons instead of turning pro a year early. This shouldn’t come as some big shock to everyone; this happens in college football all the time, but Auburn is just the unlucky school that got caught.

ESPN reports that 12 players from Auburn’s national title team failed drug tests, but the results of those tests were kept confidential so the players could play in the big game. Former Auburn running back Mike Dyer was one of the players who failed the test, according to the report, yet he carried the ball 22 times for 143 yards in the 22-19 win over Oregon in the national championship game.

Former Auburn defensive lineman Mike Blanc told said Dyer was also one of the players who was academically ineligible for the title game, “but Auburn found a way to make sure [he] was eligible.”

This is sad, really, but it’s not in a sense because it happens at tons of programs across the nation all the time. Auburn was just one of the few to get caught and that’s why the Tigers are in so much trouble now. Theoretically this should scare other schools into doing things right, but it won’t.