Did Rutgers Fire Tim Pernetti or Did the Athletic Director Resign?

After Rutgers head men’s basketball coach Mike Rice was fired on Wednesday, the university also canned athletic director Tim Pernetti on Friday. The moves came after a video surfaced on Wednesday afternoon of Rice shoving his players, throwing balls at their heads and belittling them with gay slurs during practice. Reports have confirmed this went on for at least one year and possibly Rice’s entire three-year tenure.

Later reports are stating that Pernietti wasn’t fired, but that he resigned. That’s likely a bunch of horse radish because no university would allow such a thing to happen and then not do anything about it. Rice should have been fired within minutes of the video being released and Pernetti should have been fired minutes after that since he’s known about the treatment of the players all along.

This is yet another example of the incredibly wicked way that college athletic programs are run. Right after Rice’s firing, a report stated the program would not fire Pernetti because of the $25 billion del he got for the university with the Big Ten Conference. That report alone was the nail in the coffin for Rutgers’ integrity, but now the debate of whether Pernetti was fired or resigned will likely rage for the foreseeable future. It’s a dark day for college sports and really a dark week when you think about all the other things that have gone on across the country over the past few days.