Shane Battier Says Woman Will Play in NBA, But It Won't Be Brittney Griner

Whenever a woman excels in a particular sport the immediate reaction is to compare her to another idolized male professional and whether it is fair or not, the male usually winds up with the upper hand. Brittney Griner is the most dominate NCAAW player of all time, but the fact that she is being proclaimed as an NBA prospect is absolutely asinine.

Mark Cuban was the first to speak out on Griner’s NBA possibilities saying that his club, the Dallas Mavericks, would take a look at her in the upcoming NBA Draft. Griner is a lock to go number one in the WNBA Draft, however the thought of her dawning an NBA jersey is ignorance at it’s best. Cuban is not the only one talking about women in the NBA as Miami Heat forward Shane Battier said earlier in the week that he believes there will be a woman in the NBA during his lifetime.

Battier could very well be right, but I can guarantee that Griner will not be making history this coming Fall. As I previously stated, the ex-Baylor Bear was a force while in college and stampeded upon anyone in her path. Keep this in mind though, Griner never competed against anyone in 2012-13 who was over the height of six-foot-seven and that will not happen very much if she ascends to the NBA ranks.

This year in the NBA there is not a single center under the height of 6-foot-8 an Griner would be completely out of her element against the likes of Joakim Noah and Dwight Howard.