2013 NFL Draft Player Prospect Profile: Manti Te'o

One of the biggest questions heading into the 2013 NFL Draft has been what teams should expect from Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o considering everything he’s gone through over the last couple of months with the hoax situation. However, if there’s anything to take away from Te’o, it should be the way he’s managed to stay focused through this entire incident and if he can manage to focus on football–there’s no reason why any team shouldn’t take a risk on him in this year’s draft.

Forget what happened with the Fighting Irish in the National Championship game against Alabama and look what Te’o accomplished during the regular season for the Irish. Te’o is the type of player with great leadership skills who is very effective when it comes to stopping the pass, but he could use some work when it comes to his speed.

Still, Te’o deserves some credit for the way he’s managed to focus on football over these last few months despite everything that has happened and if he’s capable of overcoming these obstacles–there’s every reason in the world to believe he has what it takes to succeed at the NFL level. For a player that was in the run for the Heisman all season, it’s safe to say Te’o is certainly worth the risk in this year’s draft class.

Te’o seems determined to do whatever it takes to be successful in the NFL–so it will be fun to watch him as a rookie.

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