Rob Gronkowski to Miss Beginning of 2013 NFL Season?

The New England Patriots front office holds their breath every time Rob Gronkowski makes the tabloids, but now his off-the-field actions are causing an even larger concern. Gronkowski broke his left forearm on November 18th, but three surgeries later and the tight end is still not fully healed. Doctors have caught an infection in the NFL All-Pro’s forearm which means another surgery is on the way.

When healthy Gronkowski is the most lethal tight end in the league, however injuries have been a norm for the Patriots go-to-guy.

A broken forearm may have kept him off of the field, but it did not stop Gronkowski from body-slamming his brother at a Las Vegas night club in February. Video shows the Gronk grabbing his sibling and throwing him to the deck WWE-style and it did not go over very well with Patriots faithful. At first, the shirtless acts of Gronkowski were chalked up as him being a kid and the tiresome “Gronk being Gronk” label was slapped over the issues.

The difference between guys like Gronk and other meatheads like Manny Ramirez is that Manny did not let his stupidity keep him off of the field while with the Boston Red Sox. If Gronkowski is unable to give it a go at the start of 2013 then there will be a major outcry for the Patriots organization to give the tight end a swift kick in the rear.

Gronk is simply to much of a factor to release, but with so much money invested into the tight end the Pats must find a way to curb #87’s crazy ways before it gets worse. This time it is an infection, but if Gronkowski keeps doing down this path of carelessness he could miss more than a few games.

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