2013 NFL Draft Player Prospect Profile: Lane Johnson

Just look at the athleticism surrounding Oklahoma‘s Lane Johnson and one thing stands out–why wouldn’t any NFL team want him as part of their offensive line?

Johnson has been praised for his footwork and causing problems for opposing defenders trying to reach the quarterback. At 6’6″, Johnson is bigger than most players you would see on an offensive line and he’s great when it comes to using his hands.

With all of this in mind, it’s no surprise why Johnson has been considered one of the top offensive lineman from this year’s draft class and certainly has the potential to develop into one of the top players from this year’s draft class.

Unfortunately though, there is reason to be concerned about Johnson considering he’s not as experienced as other offensive lineman. Johnson made the position transition in college to offensive tackle, but if the last few years are any indication–it’s may not be as big of a reason to be concerned since he appears to be getting better with more experience at the position.

If there was really a concern over Johnson’s ability as an offensive lineman, he wouldn’t be ranked so high entering the draft–so it doesn’t look like there’s a reason to be worried over him making the transition to the NFL level. Luckily for Johnson, he has the type of size and strength where he should make the adjustment just fine and have a successful rookie season.

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