2013 NFL Draft Player Prospect Profile: Tyler Eifert

When considering how popular pass-catching tight ends have become over the last couple of years, teams will do whatever it takes to find the next Rob Gronkowski or Jimmy Graham in the NFL Draft. Tyler Eifert of Notre Dame may not live up to the numbers of some of the best in the NFL, but the argument can be made that he’s one of the top tight ends from this year’s draft class.

He’s tall, he’s physical, and has great frame to make it difficult for any defender on the football field–so there’s no question Eifert is capable of having a big rookie season in 2013. While tight ends are becoming more popular in the passing game, teams still rely on them for blocking as well–which is one of the main concerns fo Eifert at the NFL level. Eifert could be in for a rude awakening as a rookie if he doesn’t work on his blocking skills over the next few months–so keep an eye on this former Notre Dame star next season to see how he adjusts to the transition.

Even if his blocking skills are still a reason for concern, Eifert is certainly worth taking a risk on as a rookie next season. Who knows–maybe Eifert will end up shocking the world by playing better than expected considering nobody could have predicted Gronkowski and Graham would be as productive as they’ve been when they joined the NFL a few years ago.

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