Johnny Unitas' Family Not Happy Joe Flacco Will Play Legendary QB in Upcoming Movie

Baltimore sports run deep, including legends who are long gone and today’s reigning champions. Joe Flacco has been picked to play Johnny Unitas in a movie called “Unitas We Stand.” (Very original title, we know). But members of the Unitas family aren’t exactly thrilled with the choice.

Long story short: kids from Unitas’ second marriage are bickering with kids from his first marriage, and this is coming after lawsuits over the rights to the Hall of Famer’s name and his likeness in a movie. It’s kind of a catch-22, though, because Flacco is the first franchise quarterback to play in Baltimore since Unitas, so in a sense, he’s the perfect pick. However, one can easily see the point of view of other side of the family: as a person, Flacco doesn’t resemble Unitas at all.

John Unitas Jr. called Flacco a “goofball” and said that Flacco being picked to play his dad is “embarrassing” and “a joke.” Ouch! That’s no way to talk about a guy who just brought another title to Baltimore! But Jr.’s first choice to play the part explains his feelings: Peyton Manning. Yes, Manning is the ideal choice to play any legendary quarterback except maybe Fran Tarkenton, but the comments made against Flacco are a little out of line, don’t you think? Comment below and let us know!