Rick Pitino Caps Historic Season With NCAA Championship

To say Rick Pitino had a red-letter day on Monday is an understatement. To say he’s had a red-letter week doesn’t even give it justice. Just one week after his son, Richard Pitino, was named the head coach at Minnesota, Papa Pitino was named to the Hall of Fame and, on the same day, became the first coach to win NCAA titles with two different teams.

Pitino’s legacy took a huge leap forward with the win after he led Providence on an incredible Cinderella run in 1987, won a title with Kentucky in 1996 and now has completed somewhat of a trifecta at Louisville. His own accomplishments are one sort of satisfaction, but seeing the success of his son now has to be just as fulfilling from a parental standpoint.

As if all the other wasn’t enough, Pitino collected a $2.7 million bonus on Monday from deferred bonuses for the past three years and then another $150,000 for winning the title. So the dude is successful, famous, rich and a proud parent. What more could he ask for?

It’s safe to say Pitino is on Cloud 9 these days. The best part? With guys like Final Four Most Outstanding Player Luke Hancock coming back, Pitino and Louisville could be back to the Final Four next year.