Spike Albrecht's Performance in 2013 NCAA Championship Game Just the Beginning

Spike who? The Michigan Wolverines looked to be in hot water when Player of the Year Trey Burke had to take a seat with two fouls early in the title game and that’s when redshirt freshman guard Spike Albrecht took over, going from no-star recruit to household name in one half of basketball.

Nobody had even heard of this kid until he scored 17 first-half points, including four three-pointers, to give the Wolverines a one-point halftime lead. The craziest part is Albrecht averaged less than two points per game this season, but then went nuts in the biggest game of his life. His team was thrilled, though, because things looked really bleak for Michigan after it got off to a really hot start. But when Burke had to sit, Wolverines fans had that panicked look on their faces…at least until Albrecht started dropping shots from farther and farther beyond the arc.

Of course, Michigan ended up losing the game, but Albrecht has already ensured his spot as a starter next year. Burke will be gone, so Albrecht will almost certainly be a sophomore leader for the Wolverines’ backcourt. Albrecht probably won’t be a Player of the Year candidate like Burke unlees he plays like he did in the title game all season. If that happens, the Wolverines will be back in the Final Four in 2014.