UFC Suspends Matt Mitrione For Fallon Fox Comments

The UFC has been established with the belief that no boundaries can hold back the viscous sport that is mixed martial arts. With that being said, you have to be pretty offensive to get suspended by this league in particular. Unlike the NFL and NBA, fines and suspensions are not handed out like newspapers.

Nonetheless, Matt Matrione has been suspended indefinitely by the UFC for his comments towards a fellow mixed martial artist. The corporation has turned into a million dollar business and they are starting to take a firm stance on issues involving the gay community. Mitrione is 6-2 in UFC bouts and has never faught Fallon Fox, but that did not stop him from insulting Fox on multiple accounts. Mitrione called Fox a “lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak” for the way that Fox has acted in years previous.

In 2006 Fox underwent a gender-change and after 31-years of being a man Fox decided to become a woman which meant Fox would be fighting against females instead of males. Fox has never fought in the UFC, but Mitrione saw the last fight Fox was in and he was not happy with Fox winning the match so handily–in two professional matches and two amateur bouts Fox is 5-0.

Mitrione is not the first one to speak out against transgender fighters in the MMA and many think that because Fox was a man for 31-years, Fox should not be allowed to compete against females. This stirs the debate: is this going to be a pressing issue for the future of the sports world or is Marione simply coming out of left field to tarnish Fox?

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