FBI, Robert Morris Testimony Making Mike Rice Story Deeper and Deeper

Apparently the things that got Mike Rice fired at Rutgers also went on during his three-year tenure at Robert Morris University. Rice coached there from 2007 to 2010 and now that his disgusting behavior at Rutgers is out in the open, a former Robert Morris player has come forward to say Rice used a homophobic slur during practices and threw basketballs at players there as well.

The video of Rice at Rutgers men’s basketball practices showed him belittling his players with gay slurs, shoving them violently and throwing basketballs at their heads. These actions got him fired relatively quickly, but now it appears this is just the beginning.

These are the same things that got him canned at Rutgers, so it’s not surprising to hear about the incident(s) at Robert Morris. However, the details of everything could get a lot worse now that the FBI is involved. Their job could get a lot easier if more former players come forward with accounts of inappropriate behavior by Rice, who led Robert Morris to back-to-back NCAA Tournament appearances in his final two seasons there, but didn’t even break .500 in three years at Rutgers.

Let’s just say the next few months of Rice’s life are probably not going to be pleasant.