Jay-Z Leaving Brooklyn Nets to Become NBA Agent Shows He's Already Hooked

They say it only takes one time to get hooked and Jay-Z has definitely got it bad. Just a year after moving the Nets from New Jersey to his hometown of Brooklyn, the rap legend will reportedly drop his ownership of the team to pursue a new career as a player agent. Jay-Z’s company, Roc Nation, has already landed its first client after partnering with Creative Artists Agency to sign New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano, but with his fame and place in the pop sports world, Jay-Z could soon represent big names like LeBron James…indirectly of course.

Of course, Jay-Z only has a roughly one percent ownership in the Nets, so it’s not like this is a life-changing move for him or a franchise-changing move for the team. So Jay-Z is now trying to sell the few shares he has so he can legally be an agent for any player in the NBA.

He must have struck gold with the Cano deal because it certainly didn’t take him long to drop the Nets like a bad habit right in the middle of the playoff race. Apparently doing business with his all-time favorite team — the Yankees — wasn’t enough to satisfy Jay-Z’s crave for the business side of sports. He’s already made 10 fortunes in the music industry, so why not do the same while hanging out with popular pro athletes?

So what do you think? Did Jay-Z might the right choice in dropping his stake in the Nets to become an agent? Comment below and let us know!