2013 NFL Draft Player Prospect Profile: Ezekiel Ansah

Normally, BYU doesn’t seem like the type of school that would produce one of the top picks in the NFL draft, but that’s exactly the case for Ezekiel Ansah. In fact, Ansah has skyrocketed up draft charts over the last few weeks–which is impressive considering he never even started a single game before his senior season.

For a player that isn’t as experienced as most of the players in the draft, Ansah has shown major potential over the last couple of years and one can only imagine what type of level he could be playing at with a few more years of football experience under his belt.

He has great size and athleticism to develop into one of the top defensive ends at the NFL level, but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be any areas of concern for Ansah. He may not have the best technique, but that’s nothing Ansah can’t work on heading into his rookie season.

Even if he is still learning certain aspects of the game, there’s a reason why the bar is set so high for a player like Ansah heading into his rookie season. There’s no question Ansah seems like the type of player that could be starting by Week 1 and don’t be surprised if he just gets better and better with more experience at the NFL level.

Nobody could have predicted Ansah to be one of the top defensive prospects at the beginning of the season, but who would have thought this kid would be considered a top-10 draft pick?

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