Mark Cuban is the Problem, Not the Solution, for Dallas Mavericks

You wanna know why the Dallas Mavericks missed the playoffs for the first time in a dozen years just one season after being swept in the first round? Because their owner is as scatter-brained as that squirrely-looking dude in the movie Back to the Future!

Mark Cuban talks an All-Star game but he’s only performed like one once in his career, and that was when he brought Tyson Chandler and Jason Kidd to Dallas. The year after the Mavs won their first and only title, Cuban was too buy smoking cigars and acting like a moron on Shark Tank to worry about making sure his team was ready to go. And that’s why they’ll be watching the playoffs from the couch this year.

Seriously, the Mavs’ exodus of stars made it seem like other teams were just drafting players from Dallas’ roster and Cuban did literally nothing to stop it. He let Chandler and Kidd both leave for the Big Apple and refused to give crowd favorite JJ Barea more than a one-year deal after an incredible performance in the playoffs.

Sure, Cubes says the Mavs will be back, but he says crazy stuff all the time, so why should we believe him? Let’s put it this way: Cuban ain’t the only moronic sports owner in Dallas.

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