2013 Masters: How Will Tiger Woods Respond to 2-Stroke Penalty?

The seemingly smooth run for Tiger Woods to a fifth Masters title has now turned into more questioning after the world number one golfer made an illegal drop on hole 15 during Friday’s round. Woods’ approach shot on the par-5 hole hit the flagstick and rolled into the water, so Woods could have dropped the ball behind the water hazard or placed it as close as possible to where the original ball was played.

Woods’ placed the ball roughly two yards from the first spot, which the rulebook states is illegal. Woods has been assessed a two-stroke penalty, which is actually a huge relief after many believed he would be disqualified. A new rule allows the committee to use its discretion on a penalty for such a situation in which the golfer was not “previously aware of the rule in question.” This is definitely one of those situations that defines golf as the toughest game in the world, especially when it comes to its incredibly thick rulebook.

Now the question is: will the old Tiger show up and power through this mental obstacle or will he crumble after this disappointing setback? Of course, having new girlfriend Lindsey Vonn in the gallery seems to have helped his game thus far, but will it be enough to get him into the green jacket on Sunday? Comment below and let us know what you think!