Explosions at Boston Marathon Kill, Injure Multiple Victims

A horrific tragedy rocked the 2013 Boston Marathon just a couple of hours after the winner crossed the finish line. Two separate explosions injured at least two dozen and killed at least three (as of 3:25 p.m. Central Time) while a third explosion was prevented after police found and defused a third homemade bomb. It’s believed similar explosives caused the first two blasts, which took the limbs and lives of at least three runners and bystanders, according to eye witnesses. Lost limbs have not been confirmed by police or medial reports, but 19 victims have been taken to the Mass General Hospital in Boston.

The FAA has issued a temporary flight restriction over the area of the explosions, which is right where runners crossed the finish line. Security has tightened at the White House and the Boston Police Department is searching bags left by runners near the event as well as all areas in which other explosives could be, including trash cans manholes.

Stay tuned to Rant Sports as we will have further coverage of this tragedy as more information becomes available. You can also see the original story as well as video of the explosions by clicking HERE.

UPDATE: Police confirm at least five additional explosive devices have been found in the area and a suspect is being guarded in a Boston hospital with shrapnel wounds. Reports also claim the FBI has surveillance of the suspect, who was wearing two backpacks near the finish line right before the explosions.

The Boston Bruins home game that was originally scheduled for Monday night against the Ottawa Senators has been cancelled.