Tiger Woods Has Wheels Turning in the Right Direction

Heading to August, Georgia on Friday the buzz surrounding Tiger Woods was positive for the first time it what seemed like a century. Woods is currently the number one golfer in the land, however he is riding a cold streak the size of his home state. The California native is battling a 0-14 run in his last 14 major events after winning 14 of his previous 56 majors.

If the 2013 Masters was any indication, Woods appears to be back on his game. Although it was a weekend full of slow-playing and unfortunate bounces, Tiger was hit hard with some unlucky rolls and lies. The drama did not stop Tiger from competing with Adam Scott for another green jacket as he finished fourth in the tournament shooting a 70. Woods is accustomed to finishing in the top 10 in majors considering he has placed sixth or better in seven of his last 14 majors.

The PGA Tour is an incredibly difficult field and the dominance that we once saw from the likes of Woods and Nicklaus is undoubtedly something of the past. Now, 37 Woods remains the top golfer in the world, however the U.S Open will be the next opportunity for Tiger to break his ice cold streak.

Last year, Woods placed 21st in the U.S Open after not even playing in the event the previous year. 2008 was the last time that Tiger was victorious in the U.S Open when the legendary battle between he and Rocco Mediate took center stage. In 2006 Woods was cut from the U.S Open, but since then he has came on with a vengeance placing out of the top 10 just once.