Boston Marathon Runners Kept Running to Hospital After Explosion to Give Blood

It seems that for every piece of tragic news from the Boston Marathon explosions comes multiple inspirational acts. Running a marathon is arguably the most exhausting thing a human can do, so to do what the participants of the Boston Marathon did on Monday is nothing short of miraculous.

At the time of the explosions, there were thousands of runners who had yet to cross the finish line. But when they did, many of them kept running and ran all the way to Mass General Hospital to give blood so that those injured in the blasts might live.

Folks, people typically just rest for days after completing a marathon and instantly stop after the finish line so their bodies can begin to recover. These folks who acted so courageously ran an extra mile and a half to the hospital, where they wanted to give blood. This is another thing to consider: it’s literally impossible for a human body to lose blood in that physical state, so these folks likely had to have an IV going in one arm while the blood was going out the other to keep from passing out. This just makes the story of their heroic efforts that much more incredible.

In fact, Mass General Hospital began turning people away who wanted to give blood later that evening because they had more than they could use. Now if that doesn’t warm your heart, you probably don’t have one.

To those souls who found strength and incredible compassion and courage from nothing, we thank you.