Chicago Cubs Can't Get Ahead of Themselves With Wrigley Field Renovations

The oldest baseball park in the National League is getting a facelift that will cost the Chicago Cubs and the city of Chicago $500 million. Not only that, but it’s extremely controversial considering the history of Wrigley Field and the location of the stadium.

On the one hand, it desperately needs some upgrades because parts of it are literally falling apart. Parts of the rafters near the concession stands have begun to fall and the 99-year-old stadium is barely holding itself together. That’s a bigger problem when you consider the crowds at Cubs games; fans never fail to fill the seats regardless of the team’s success, or lack thereof.

On the other hand, Wrigley Field is iconic and was rated as the No. 1 sports fan experience in the world a few years back because of its historic nature. In addition, any changes to the stadium will affect the business and homes that surround it, especially those that sell rooftop seats to watch the game from the buildings across the street from the left and right field bleachers.

Even the lovable losers are getting excited as Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts said his team will win the World Series in the “New Wrigley Field.” That’s quite the guarantee from a team that hasn’t won a title since 1908.

So what do you think? Should Wrigley Field get a facelift or be left as is? Will the Cubs even come close to winning a title in their improved home? Comment below and let us know!