Joe Andruzzi Defines Hero by Example at Boston Marathon Explosions

Joe Andruzzi is an American hero and not because he won three Super Bowls with a team called the New England Patriots. Although he was the only one of four brothers to play in the NFL and not become a New York City firefighter, Andruzzi was there in Boston on Monday performing just like a man with his last name was expected.

Andruzzi was at the Boston Marathon because he organizes a team of runners that raises funds to assist cancer patients every year for the event and he responded like a firefighter by carrying an injured woman away from the rubble. Andruzzi was photographed along with all the other heroes who acted so bravely on Monday and then was recognized by a fan and now the iconic picture is taking the internet by storm thanks to social media.

Pro athletes get a bad rep a lot of the time because of their off-field behavior, but it’s guys like Andruzzi who remind us that there are still good guys out there and those brave souls are not afraid to show it. Andruzzi is a cancer survivor himself, so he’s already an inspiration to everyone, but his work through his foundation to help cancer patients and then his spontaneous bravery on Monday proved once again he’s one in a million.