London Marathon Will Not be Stopped by Boston Marathon Explosions

The folks at the London Marathon say the show will go on. The 33rd running of the London Marathon is scheduled for Sunday and British sports minister Hugh Robertson says his country “will not be cowered by this sort of behavior.” More importantly, the British believe carrying on with the event is “the best way to show solidarity with Boston.”

Indeed, it’s best that the London Marathon goes on so those who were affected by this horrible tragedy in Boston can raise their hands in an appreciate salute. The way the folks in Boston handled this terrible situation was nothing short of remarkable and they are an inspiration to all. The heroes in and out of uniform who instantly reacted in a courageous manner are a reminder that no act of terror will tear this great nation apart and the fact the London Marathon will go on is a humble acknowledgement of that admirable trait.

Obviously, security is going to be at an all-time high in London on Sunday with this threat of terrorism that is greater than usual. However, our neighbors across the Atlantic are brave in this effort and an inspiration to all, showing that acts of terrorism will not hinder the way we live our lives.