Terrorists Behind Boston Marathon Explosions Missed Goal by a Mile

For centuries, terrorists of all sorts have tried to tear this country apart, but to no avail. What they just don’t seem to get is those attempts to divide us only draw us closer together. (What’s the definition of insanity again?)

The explosions at the Boston Marathon created panic and heartache on Monday, but the sports world came together to show yet again that such acts of terrorism can’t rip us apart. The Boston Bruins postponed their game against the Ottawa Senators, the Boston Celtics cancelled their game against the Indiana Pacers and all of Major League Baseball finished off Jackie Robinson Day with moments of silence from sea to shining sea.

There were many heroes in the midst of the disaster, including former New England Patriots lineman Joe Andruzzi, who was photographed carrying an injured woman way from the rubble. Although Andruzzi was the most recognizable of those brave soles, the number of heroes who didn’t need uniforms to help were countless, proving yet again that no matter how bad a situation in America may seem, good has and will always triumph over evil.

On Monday, our friends in Boston — especially those first responders — showed why this country and its athletes are so great and we couldn’t be more proud of and thankful for them.