Michael Jordan Trainer Blames Utah Pizza For Michael Jordan's Historic "Flu Game"

Michael Jordan has never been fond of someone else taking up the spotlight, so the fact that he is in the news the same week that the 2013 NBA playoffs begin does not surprise me one bit. Now, the reasoning behind the legendary “flu game” was recently questioned by the idiotic Jalen Rose, but this time the report is from a reliable source.

Tim Grover was Jordan’s longtime trainer while with the Chicago Bulls and in 1997 he was in charge of keeping the best basketball player on the planet healthy. Unfortunately, the Bulls got to Park City, Utah rather late on the night before the game five battle against the Utah Jazz and were in dire need to eat something. In 1997 it was okay for star athletes to eat from the local pizza joint and that is exactly what His Airness did.

Grover’s confession, of sorts, comes out 16 years after the fact, but the particulars of the scenario have always been up in the air. Rose is a moron if he thinks that MJ partied too hard in the town of Park City and was perfectly fine with his alcohol in places like Atlantic City and Chicago–something tells me Jordan isn’t a lightweight.

Either way, the Jazz organization should be ashamed that their citizenry is indecent enough to try and tarnish Jordan’s legacy by ruining his pizza. It took five delivery guys to haul the pizza up to Jordan’s room so who knows what was in the food at that time. The NBA has changed in the last decade and a half, so players like LeBron James will not have to worry about bad Chinese good in the coming weeks, but this Jordan story is still comical and historic.