2013 NFL Draft Player Prospect Profile: Jonathan Cyprien

When it comes to under the radar players from small schools getting selected in the 2013 NFL Draft, nobody may have more potential to land in the first round than Jonathan Cyprien of Florida International. It’s always interesting to see where players from smaller schools end up going in the draft, but after impressing scouts over the last couple of months–Cyprien’s stock has certainly been on the rise and the argument can be made that he may end up being one of the top safeties from this year’s draft class.

There are plenty of teams in need of help at the safety position and there’s a good chance that Cyprien won’t slip past the second round–although he could easily end up being taken in the first round as well. Cyprien has been praised for his aggressive style of play and it will be interesting to see how he makes the adjustment to playing in the NFL–especially since he seems like the type of player that is only going to get better with experience.

The NFL has seen plenty of successful safeties make the transition to the NFL over the last couple of seasons and have an immediate impact during their first season. Cyprien still has plenty to prove considering the draft hasn’t even taken place yet, but if early indications are any signs of what to expect–this safety could have a bright future ahead of him when it comes to playing in the pros.

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