Auburn Tigers Shamelessly Defending Themselves

College football is a place where wins, trophies and traditions are being swiped away faster than you can say allegations, so the recent news regarding the Auburn Tigers is not surprising. Apparently the dominant team from 2010 was aiding players’ grades and giving them illegal benefits to ensure they stayed on the field when it mattered most. The poster boy for the initial issues was Cam Newton, but now the focus is turning to multiple perpetrators.

One of them includes Michael Dyer — the most valuable player in the 2010 national title game — as rumors surfaced that his grades were drastically changed just so he could suit up on a weekly basis. Dyer was defended by Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs, but to think this program is squeaky clean is nothing short of asinine.

It’s just a matter of time before all of the leaves shake out and the entire SEC is under massive restrictions. Because of all the programs being penalized left and right, the casual fan has tuned out of collegiate football. If the NCAA hopes to regain these fans the first step is to stop prancing around like they are the almighty and start making sure these academic issues subside sooner rather than later.

After a 3-9 season last year it’s hard to believe that the Tigers have been recruiting any good players, let alone doing it illegally, but we have seen this pattern plenty times before. This week it’s Auburn and next week it will probably be someone else, so let’s not jump on the throat of ex-Tigers head coach Gene Chizik just yet.