Kobe Bryant's Response to In-Game Tweeting Criticism is Ridiculous

Will Kobe Bryant please just go away?! We were finally going to go through a postseason without the Los Angeles Lakers‘ annoying, egotistic shooting guard and now he’s making more headlines than his team because of his social media habits on the bench!

Seriously, Kobe’s in-game tweets got way more coverage than the San Antonio Spurs‘ blowout win over the Lakers on Sunday in game one of their first-round playoff series. So then Kobe comes out with an “announcement” on Monday that he’s no longer going to tweet during games while he’s out with his Achilles tear. But His Conceitedness made it clear that no one told him to stop tweeting and that he decided to stop on his own.

Yeah, right — and Phil Jackson will stay retired. Good one, Kobe.