Rolando McClain Strikes Again With Another Arrest

The horror story that is Rolando McClain‘s career is just getting worse and worse. After it looked like he was heading for higher grounds, the former 8th overall pick is back in the news for getting arrested. On Sunday, McClain was arrested in his hometown of Decatur, Ala. for disorderly conduct after allegedly screaming “f*** the police” to the officers trying to defuse a situation that involved a fight and nearly 700 Alabamians.

Less than two weeks ago, McClain was signed by the Baltimore Ravens to a one-year deal worth $700,000 after spending his first three years with the Oakland Raiders. Under the leadership of a Super Bowl winner, the expectation was that his brutal ways would be left behind with the Raiders, but it’s easy to see that is definitely not the case.

Timing wise, this incident is as perfect as can be. Every year meathead NFL fans scream to their favorite team that they need to take a chance on a guy with character issues like McClain. Well, instances like this show just how cautious teams must be when dealing with the “Honey Badger types.” The league is all for second-chances and if you disagree then look no further than Ray Lewis and Mike Vick, who both have horrid pasts but have managed to be on at least one Madden cover.

The ball is now in the Ravens’ court and if they want to send a message, they should nix McClain even though he has been on the team for less than a month. Thankfully, McClain was not implicated in a murder or arrested for drug possession, but sitting in a jail cell will keep him from making tackles, regardless of the crime.