5 Bold Predictions for 2013 NFL Draft

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2013 NFL Draft: 5 Bold Predictions

2013 NFL Draft: 5 Bold Predictions
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The NFL Draft never goes as planned and this year will be no different. With the 2013 NFL Draft just hours away, we've got some bold predictions for you that are sure to shake up the green room once the event gets under way.

Most of these bold predictions involve quarterbacks, since the game's most popular positions it also its most polarizing in this year's draft. There are some big names that are anything but safe picks while there are also some no-names who could come out of nowhere to become franchise signal-callers.

Of course, not all of our bold predictions involve bad teams and/or quarterbacks. One involves a perennial contender that will do something extremely uncharacteristic of its history to ensure its legitimacy in 2013 despite losing multiple playmakers this offseason to free agency. Have you guessed which team we're talking about yet? If you have, you probably haven't quite figured out the specific move we're describing because it's going to be a monumental one that will change the entire first round of the draft and maybe the subsequent rounds on Friday.

So let's dive right in. Enjoy these five bold predictions for the 2013 NFL Draft that aren't farfetched at all (seriously).

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Jaguars Will Take Geno Smith at No. 2

geno smith
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The Blaine Gabbert era in Jacksonville is over before it really even began. The success-starved Jaguars will cave to the urge to take a big name and Geno Smith will go No. 2 overall despite the fact he's barely worth a first-round pick, much less a top 10 selection.

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Bills Will Take Ryan Nassib at No. 8

ryan nassib
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The Bills certainly aren't sold on Kevin Kolb as their new signal-caller, even if he says he's going to win a Super Bowl in Buffalo. That's why they're going to pass on the Southern Cali golden boy [show picture of Matt Barkley] and take Ryan Nassib out of Syracuse with the No. 8 overall pick. If there was ever a draft that saw QBs taken way too early, it's this one.

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Matt Barkley Will Fall

Matt Barkley
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The blond-haired kid who was once the future of the NFL is now a questionable first-round pick. Matt Barkley will fall on draft day to the late first round after seeing fellow QBs Geno Smith and Ryan Nassib taken way too early.

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Eagles Will Trade Down, Take Barkley

eagles barkley
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The Eagles are going to make out like bandits on draft day by trading down from the No. 4 overall pick and taking Barkley at around pick 20. Here's looking at you, Chicago.

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Patriots Will Trade Up, Take Tavon Austin

patriots tavon austin
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Danny Woodhead and Wes Welker are gone, so the Patriots need another quirky playmaker and they don't have a lot of picks this year, so they're going to go out of their comfort zone and trade up to take Tavon Austin out of West Virginia, who has Patriots star written all over it.

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