Barcelona Gets Demolished By Underdog Bayern Munich

It’s borderline preposterous to think that a Spanish powerhouse like Barcelona would get defeated 4-0 by a team like Bayern Munich, but the sporting world is one of the whackiest realms on the planet. Barcelona was beat in every single phase of the game and because of it the club will have to win by five or more goals in their next match just to make it to the final. Meanwhile, Bayern will be riding this victory for a long time.

Considering that no team in the history of the European Cup has lost the first by four or more goals and progressed to the next round, the road is riddled with speed bumps for Barcelona. The goal for the rest of the tournament will be for Barca to get Lionel Messi going after Bayern made him look like an amateur in the first round. Messi is supposed to be the FIFA player of the year, but why would he come out and play like it was the first time he had touched a soccer ball?

The high-intensity style of play that Bayern featured in this game will work wonders as they move on is this Cup. Bayern is now playing with so much confidence that it has to scare any club in their path. Sure, Bayern needs a little longer resume to proclaim themselves as the new beasts of the Champions League, but this is a great step for a squad that has had issues in the past.

Hopefully this loss is just a minor step in the wrong direction for an aging Barcelona team, but if Tuesday is any indication the future does not look to bright for the Spanish juggernaut.