Barry Sanders on Madden NFL 25 Cover Keeps it "Old School"

Some things never change. The same day Rant Sports named Barry Sanders the greatest running back of all time, the Detroit Lions‘ most legendary player was also announced as the cover boy for the video game Madden NFL 25.

It’s the silver anniversary of arguably the most popular sports video game ever and Sanders beat out this year’s MVP, Adrian Peterson, for the honors. The decision was made using tournament-style voting and the fans chose the old school legend over the new school star.

On the old school side, Sanders beat out Ray Lewis, Joe Montana and Jerry Rice before topping Peterson in the final and his appearance on the cover makes it two straight years that a Lions player graced the cover after Calvin Johnson did last year.

Sanders is widely considered the greatest running back of all time, although Jim Brown, Walter Payton and Emmitt Smith all have legitimate claims to that title as well. Sanders’ legacy as an unstoppable video game character probably had something to do with the voting as well. But since he beat both past and current players at all positions, including quarterback, Sanders can really be considered the most popular football player of all time.

Do you think Sanders is the most popular player of all time? What about the best overall? Comment below and let us know!