Bon Jovi's Son Walking on to Play Football at Notre Dame

Do you know what the Notre Dame football team needs now that Manti Te’o is off to the NFL? No, it’s not a banner for that fake championship they won. The Irish need more star power!

Well, they don’t get any bigger than a kid with the last name Bongiovi. That’s right, the rock star’s son, Jesse Bongiovi, is channeling his inner Rudy in an attempt to walk on to the football team at South Bend this fall.

Bongiovi is a star lacrosse player at Poly Prep High School in Brooklyn, but he also plays football. He may only be 5-11 and 180 pounds, but the son of a rock star is planning to suit up as a cornerback at Notre Dame this year. Hey, if Rudy can do it, why not this kid?

After the fake girlfriend fiasco that embarrassed the Irish this year, seeing Te’o taken in the 2013 NFL Draft is the best thing that could happen. However, the most popular college football team in the land won’t escape the spotlight if Bon Jovi’s son ends up on the roster. A football lover himself, you can bet the rock star wil be at most, if not all, his son’s game at South Bend if he makes the team.