Cowboys Stadium is the Perfect Place to Host New College Football Title Game

College football finally has a playoff! And what better way to kick of this glorious new era than to play the first title game at Cowboys Stadium? The venue is modern, it’s huge and it’s the perfect place for the two winners of the new semifinal games to square off for a legitimate national championship.

Seriously, is anyone else sick of the monstrosity that is the BCS? For 15 years, we’ve suffered through undefeated teams being left out, rematches, shared titles and other stuff that makes absolutely no sense in any realm, but especially sports. A win is a win and a loss is a loss, right? Not according to the BCS. And what’s funny is the organization’s head honcho, Bill Hancock, once said a playoff could only damage the value of the college football season, but now he’s the one who’s pushing for this new playoff. Don’t get us wrong, we’re glad he is, but the sudden change in attitude shows exactly what’s wrong with this picture.

All’s well that ends well, I guess. We now have a playoff and although the teams therein are still decided by a selection committee, the college basketball tournament is done that way and we love it. Of course, there won’t be nearly as many upsets with only four teams and the few there are won’t be nearly as monumental, but at least “the computers” won’t be deciding the champion. And don’t let the BCS fool you — it wasn’t computers that were deciding anything. The computer calculation, which is basically a duplicate of the AP poll was only a small fraction of the formula. In short, it was a bunch of people who weren’t qualified to rank the teams that were deciding things.

No more, though! Cowboys Stadium, here we come.